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Paulo Gaspar

Diretor Nacional | Director

Paulo Gaspar has been on the National Board of ANJE since January 2017.

He is the CEO of FNYHoW?, a communication agency based in Lisbon, which also has offices in Brazil and in the United Kingdom. Specialising in “unconventional brand communication”, the company’s portfolio includes names such as Santander Totta, SIC Mulher, RTP, Lipton and Desperados. Paulo Gaspar is also the Chief Information Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at the Lusiaves group, a group that has been in existence for around 30 years and has 1500 employees. Its business now goes much further than poultry production, including the production, transformation and sale of food products and compounds for animal food.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Management from Universidade Nova and an MBA in Event Management (Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa). He also has a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the European Business School in London.