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Francisco Mendes

Vice-Presidente | Vice-President

Francisco Mendes has been on the National Board of ANJE since January 2017.

He is the CEO of VPM, a company he founded in Porto in 2010, specialising in the areas of Engineering and Real Estate Investment. In 2013, VPM began its internationalisation process in Angola and Mozambique. In 2016, in a partnership, he set up a new company for exporting engineering services to markets such as Brazil, France, England and the United Arab Emirates. Through the Welcome project, the group has most recently focused on the tourism segment in the area of managing local accommodation.

He was born in Porto in 1979 and his core education is in Civil Engineering (bachelor’s and master’s degree) from the Universidade do Porto Faculty of Engineering. His complementary education is in Real Estate Valuation from Escola Superior de Atividades Imobiliárias (ESAI) and from the Centro de Estudos Judiciários (CEJ). He is a full member of the Portuguese Engineers Association and is an asset valuer at the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM). He has also been an asset valuer for the Ministry of Justice since 2010.