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Bruno Ramos de Carvalho

Vice-Presidente | Vice-President

Bruno Ramos de Carvalho has been a vice-chairman of ANJE since January 2017, having been a member of the previous national board (between 2013 and 2017).

He is the CEO of Active Aerogels, a spinoff of Active Space Technologies, which in turn is a spinoff of the European Space Agency, which he co-founded. In fact, Bruno Ramos de Carvalho now also works in managing the launch of new spinoffs arising from the R&D activities at Active Space Technologies, assuring the development of product marketing, sales and distribution.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa (1999). He got his Master’s degree at Vrije Universiteit Brussels (2000), studying at École de Mines de Nantes in France and developing his research thesis at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, in Brazil. His interest in the space area led him to do a postgraduate degree in Space Studies at the International Space University in Vancouver (2005), and his enterprising nature justified the reinforcement of his management skills at Harvard Business School and at Católica Lisbon Business School. He worked as a VoIP Engineer at Marconi Suisse Télècommunication in Geneva before joining the European Space Agency in the Netherlands as a Software Engineer.